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Latest Communications from RLA

27 Apr 2023

May stand down email sent by Lisa Aulph

24 Mar 2023

Google Parent/Teacher Day sign-up forms emailed to parents.

21 Mar 2023

Easter Stand Down email to parents.

01 Mar 2023

Weekly newsletter posted.

22nd February 2023

Lisa Aulph sent out email to parents regarding March Break Stand Down.

12th January 2023

Lisa Aulph sent an email updating parents about Father/Son Day.

11th January 2023

Ida Leoni sent an email updating parents about our phones service being partially restored.

23rd December 2022

Sarah Whitaker distributed the fourteenth Academy briefing. Parents subscribed to our newsletter will have received an automated email from Robert Land Academy

16th December 2022

Sarah Whitaker distributed the thirteenth Academy briefing. Parents subscribed to our newsletter will have received an automated email from Robert Land Academy

What parents can expect in…


  • Continue to receive emails/letters from your. In grades 11 and 12 letter writing home is optional. Letters are written at the weekend and posted on the portal on Monday or Tuesday morning.
  • Send emails to your son by writing your letter to
  • As more students receive promotions to Cadets, they will become eligible for Skype Calls, parents will receive a skype link and a time for a weekly call.
  • Some students will be able to take ‘earned leave’, students must request this via their company staff.

Message from the Headmaster

To those parents who are returning their sons to Robert Land Academy I thank you for your confidence and trust. We look forward to working with both you and your son again as we continue to assist him in reaching his potential.

To those parents who are new to Robert Land Academy I look forward to meeting you and want to reassure you that although it was undoubtedly a difficult decision for you to enrol your son at Robert Land Academy, I believe you will one day reflect on this decision and wish that you had made it earlier. We will work as a Team: you as parents, your son, and the entire staff of Robert Land Academy to effect positive change. This won’t happen overnight but I am confident that you will see gradual change over the course of the next year.

Remember…anything worth having, is worth working for.

R.D. (Ryan) Smid MMM, MB, CD
Lieutenant-Colonel (Retired)

Dear Parents,

We wanted to let you know that you should have received your tuck statement up to December 1, 2022, by email.

Thank you,

Donna Leiden

Parents' Handbook

An online parents' handbook. Packed with useful information about our Academy.

This handbook is intended to help families get to know Robert Land Academy and the living and learning environment their sons will be experiencing and to help them understand their role in their son’s success.

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